Ayurveda Super Shot

Well balanced wisdom & 100% organic juices

The healing science of Ayurveda is well known in its homeland of India, and it’s steadily becoming mainstream in other parts of the world.

“We’re witnessing a resurgence in ancient systems of illness in the last few years and Ayurveda has become quite a buzzword.”

Mira Manek
Author of Prajñā: Ayurvedic Rituals for Happiness

So, what exactly is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda, a Sanskrit word literally translates as “the wisdom of life” or “the knowledge of longevity”, is a 5000-year-old Indian healing system. It is a compound of ayur, meaning life or longevity and veda meaning deep knowledge or wisdom or science. In accordance with this definition, Ayurveda views health as much more than merely the absence of disease.

It speaks of a connected world where good health is achieved when the mind, body and spirit are in harmony. Much like Yoga (the ancient science of union with the divine), Ayurveda is a lifestyle – a way of living and being.

“Ayurveda caters to each individual’s daily existence. It takes a holistic view of health, encompassing a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, physical fitness, mental, social, and spiritual wellbeing for a disease-free, long and healthy life.”

Urvashi Naithani

Who is Urvashi Naithani?

Urvashi is an Ayurveda physician based in Dehradun, the capital of the Indian state of Uttarakhand which is nestled near the Himalayan foothills – a beautiful valley abundant in nature’s beauty and various herbs of medicinal values.

VEEN partnered with Urvashi in creating the unique recipes for VEEN Ayurveda Waters and VEEN Ayurveda Super Shots.

“Coming from a family of allopathic doctors, I was always intrigued by nature and the power of its elements. Thanks to my love for nature, I developed a strong interest in Ayurveda which led me to pursue Bachelors in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. I graduated from Government Ayurvedic college and hospital, Gurukul Kangri Haridwar, Uttarakhand in the year 2010, one of the oldest Ayurvedic colleges in the country.”

Why did we do this?

We share the thinking that our modern, fast-paced lives are increasingly having a negative impact on our physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing. That negative impact is manifesting itself in symptoms such as stress, burnout, anxiety, and depression.

“Ayurveda does not focus on symptoms but addresses the root cause. When you know what’s causing you to feel out of balance, you can simply refer to the suggested foods to eat or avoid, and lifestyle regimes to follow or avoid”

…and so we created VEEN Ayurveda Super Shots

Guided by ancient texts which state that all substances found in nature have medicinal value, we wanted to create a range of products to help you stay ahead of the game in this fast-paced world: a quick, on-the-go source of health and goodness. Together with Urvashi, we combined the science of Ayurveda with 100% organic juices, to create a powerful 100ml organic blend of plants, fruits, and botanicals – the Ayurveda Super Shot. The herbs, plants and fruits used in the recipes aim to bring the out-of-balance factors into harmony, thereby eliminating the cause of disease.

“Belief that everything in the body is related to the mind and that our thoughts and emotions affect the body is key to Ayurveda. The principles of ancient systems of medicine and healing are making sense to us now as we realize the innate power and wisdom of our body and mind”

Mira Manek
Author of Prajñā: Ayurvedic Rituals for Happiness

Brain Food:
Pomegranate, Black Pepper & Mint

Soothing properties of mint, anti-oxidative powers of black pepper, and the nourishing properties of pomegranate make this Super Shot a true brain food.

meet Pomegranate, Black Pepper & Mint

Beetroot, Ginger & Carrot

Energising powers of beetroot, anti-ageing powers of carrots, and the stimulating properties of ginger, make this Super Shot a delicious detox.

meet Beetroot, Ginger & Carrot

Turmeric, Cinnamon & Apple

Healing properties of turmeric, detoxifying powers of cinnamon, and the energising properties of apple, make this Super Shot a real power kick.

meet Turmeric, Cinnamon & Apple

Ginger, Lemon & Grape

Stimulating properties of ginger, anti-oxidative powers of lemon, and the strengthening properties of grape, make this Super Shot the ultimate immunity booster.

meet Ginger, Lemon & Grape