Ayurveda Super Shot

Well balanced wisdom & 100% organic juices

Ayurveda – the 5000-year-old Indian science of Life speaks of a connected world. Good health is achieved when the mind, body and spirit are in harmony with this universe. The ancient texts state that all substances found in nature have medicinal value. The purpose of these herbs, plants and fruits is to bring the out of balance factors into harmony once again, thereby eliminating the cause of disease.

We combined this science with 100% organic juices, to create a powerful 100ml organic blend of plants, fruits, and botanicals – Ayurveda Super Shot.

Brain Food:
Pomegranate, Black Pepper & Mint

Soothing properties of mint, anti-oxidative powers of black pepper, and the nourishing properties of pomegranate make this Super Shot a true brain food.

meet Pomegranate, Black Pepper & Mint

Beetroot, Ginger & Carrot

Energising powers of beetroot, anti-ageing powers of carrots, and the stimulating properties of ginger, make this Super Shot a delicious detox.

meet Beetroot, Ginger & Carrot

Turmeric, Cinnamon & Apple

Healing properties of turmeric, detoxifying powers of cinnamon, and the energising properties of apple, make this Super Shot a real power kick.

meet Turmeric, Cinnamon & Apple

Ginger, Lemon & Grape

Stimulating properties of ginger, anti-oxidative powers of lemon, and the strengthening properties of grape, make this Super Shot the ultimate immunity booster.

meet Ginger, Lemon & Grape